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Who Are We?

Since 2003 as one of the leading industry pioneers of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, Sky Lane Environmental Consultation has always been about satisfying and exceeding the expectations of our valued clients. We have carved a strong local presence with over a decade of experience and a genuine commitment to provide a customised, complete solution to fit every environmental need.

From ventilation and kitchen exhaust cleaning and sanitizing of Office Premises, to building facade cleaning and special projects, we vouch for only the highest quality standards.


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning?

People often don’t bother to check out the exhaust fan filters nor peek underneath the kitchen hood, but it is essential that these components are serviced regularly to ensure equipment efficiency.

A clogged system not only impedes proper air circulation, it also increases grease contamination and the risk of fire. Dust, lint and other debris can build up heavily over time and cause problems such as health hazards and unpleasant odours.

The benefits of routine maintenance includes improved equipment life span, reduced expenditure on repairs and replacements, and compliance with SFA regulations.


Why Choose Us?


Our team of consultants and specialists are equipped with decades of experience in this industry. Not only do we surpass our competitors by constantly investing in the best technologies available, we are always upgrading our skills to better meet your requirements. We guarantee a seamless process for you.


We understand that you demand the best service quality and the least disruption for day-to-day operations. We do a highly-efficient job completed with minimum downtime. We believe in providing a professional and transparent approach to give you the services you need, when you need them.


Your confidence in us is our highest priority. Our service is tailored specifically to meet your needs and requests. We have built a strong, regular clientele simply because we value each and every customer.