Air Duct Services

Air Duct Services

“A breath of fresh air is the simplest yet most profound gift nature offers us.”

A well-ventilated air duct system carries away fumes and moisture through an intricate duct network, often invisible to the naked eye. Most air ducts and vents are unfortunately not Well serviced, allowing viruses and bacteria to build up within the system and distributed among the offices.

A) cleaning

Most air ducts and vents are unfortunately not serviced regularly. This allows viruses, bacteria and moulds to build up within the duct system and distributed among the offices

Therefore, the BrushBeast™ is our flagship cleaning system imported exclusively from the US, Texas. Its ease-of-use and portability are designed for efficiency. With almost double the vacuum power of conventional systems, it can effortlessly remove build up.

  • Conducted at a time of your preference 24/7
  • Fast & Efficient Team
  • Little to no downtime

B) Sanitizing

Many of our clients have requested for sanitization of the duct systems through fogging which is an added value service due to the increased emphasis on indoor air quality (IAQ). Which is why we have decided to add as a valued added service for our clients

Therefore, we have a skilled and experienced team to ensure that your office premises will be disinfected of both viruses & bacteria, especially Covid- 19 using NEA Certified Sanitizers

  • Removes mould & bacteria
  • Kills off Covid-19 viruses

C) Design & Installation

We are able to do Air-con ducting installation services for AHU/ PAHU systems, catered to your specific requirements.

PU Jacketing & insulation
Supply & installation of the G.I. jacketing c/w PU Foam insulation works for the Chill Water pipings to prevent condensation from occurring.

We are able to tailor fit exactly to your specifications and ensure that quality service and workmanship will be provided.

  • Custom Installation of Air Con duct works
  • Replacement of Exhaust Fan/ Motor
  • Air Balancing – Bigger rooms require more airflow as compared to smaller ones

from start to finish -
We'll be there alongside you


We are able to design and customise the ventilation systems according to your requirements


Upon designing the systems, we are able to install the fabricated materials on site without any hassle!

Servicing & Cleaning

Have an existing system? We are here to ensure that your systems are regularly maintained to ensure

We Provide Everything You Need for a Stress Free Project

Flexible Budgeting

We are able to negotiate with you and your team within realistic means

Project Managment

We will assign a project manager to manage your project to ensure that project is delivered in a swiftly and timely matter

Follow-up Service

Our team will still be in contact with you after completion of project, to ensure that we are here to serve you in an event of any technical issues

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