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Supply & Installation of Control panels

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The control panel serves as the brain of the system, allowing operators to monitor and control various aspects of the ventilation and exhaust. It includes features such as fan speed control and fire suppression interlocking.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): VFDs are often used to control the speed of exhaust fans and make-up air units efficiently. They can vary the fan speed based on requirements, which can lead to energy savings.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that your systems are equipped with the proper systems to be able to run efficiently and productively at an affordable pricing!

A) Supply & Replacement

Control Panel & VFD replacement

  • 1 for 1 Replacement of the VFD
  • Checking of Running Amperage
  • Setting of VFD at optimal running speed

B) UV Lights installation

Air Cleaner requirements by SFA

Under SFA Regulations, eateries and restaurants are required to install at least 1 air cleaner systems be it UV Lights, Carbon Filters or Electrostatic Air Cleaners.

Therefore we highly suggest to install the most cost efficient UV Lights System into your existing Exhaust Systems

  • Cost Efficient
  • Little to no downtime
  • Pass SFA regulations

C) Carbon filters installation & replacement

Air Cleaner requirements by SFA

Carbon Filters are installed to assist in removing the odors and harmful bacteria in the exhaust systems.

Therefore, they are recommended to be changed quarterly (every 4 to 6 months) to remain efficient in reducing the odors and bacterias from discharging out into neighbouring premises.

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