Facade & Area Cleaning Services

High Dusting & Area Cleaning

“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness within that environment.”


Many of the High Walls & Facade areas are not convenient for day to day cleaners to reach. Therefore, we are able to assist by mobilizing our equipment to reach high and unreachable areas. Such as the big HVLS fans usually situated 6 to 7 meters above the canteens.

We are able to erect mobile scaffoldings to ensure that we are able to clean the facades & services above efficiently and safely at the same time so that you don’t have to worry!

Kitchen Equipment and tough to reach areas are often left unnoticed.

  • Hard to reach areas that require specialized tools and equipment to reach
  • Usages of Safety PPE and Safety Harness
  • Workers who are trained & certified

B) Sanitizing

Many of our clients have requested for sanitization of the duct systems through fogging which is an added value service due to the increased emphasis on indoor air quality (IAQ). Which is why we have decided to add as a valued added service for our clients

We are have a skilled and experienced team to ensure that your office premises will be disinfected of both viruses & bacteria, especially Covid- 19 using NEA Certified Sanitizers

  • Removal of moulds and bacteria
  • Sanitize and kill of Covid-19 Viruses
  • Improve indoor air quality (IAQ)

We Provide Everything You Need for a Stress Free Project

Flexible Budgeting

We are able to negotiate with you and your team within realistic means

Project Managment

We will assign a project manager to manage your project to ensure that project is delivered in a swiftly and timely matter

Follow-up Service

Our team will still be in contact with you after completion of project, to ensure that we are here to serve you in an event of any technical issues

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